GYASON Technoengineering Limited is a global technology and innovation partner in the Welding Industry, Oil and Gas Industry, Infrastructure/Construction Industry, Automotive and Transportation Industry, Telecommunication Industry, Mining Industry and Agriculture Machine and Equipment Manufacturing Business.

Conceived in 2013 and founded in 2016, GYASON Technoengineering Limited is duly registered with the Registrar General’s Department of Ghana and has full authority to operate as a limited liability company in Ghana, and across borders. With over 200 connections and dealer agreements established with international companies and players in major manufacturing and production industries, GYASON complies with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 3834-2, ISO 14001, etc.

GYASON is committed to serving small scale enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies in Ghana, as well as enterprises in the West African region. GYASON’s strategy for delivering its services include: a) combined experiences of GYASON’s corporate team of experts, both local and international; b) committing to understanding our clients’ business drivers and complaints through effective customer relations and research-driven approaches; c) providing un-bias technical solutions by improving client’s competitive position, managing risk and increasing shareholder value through dynamic business models.

GYASON continues to place value on its greatest assets, that is, our skilled work force, customers, partners and collaborators at large. GYASON has a commitment of giving back to society through profit sharing and to bring hope to the Ghanaian citizenry. This is, as a way to empower deprived communities in Ghana and provide a leverage for the unemployed, poor and needy in the society to realize alternative job seeking opportunities and to experience good quality of life.